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Hi, welcome to Butler's Gourmet Foods online.  My name is Mark Butler and I would like to introduce you to myself and my product.  I grew up here in the Dallas area and for as long as I can remember enjoyed having family cookouts and eating BBQ.  As a child and teenager growing up what really caught my attention about our old family BBQ sauce recipe was that the sauce had a different unique taste from that of the standard red BBQ sauces in the market and the fact that family friends and acquaintances always asked for the recipe after they had eaten it.  That is why I decided to take this old family recipe from the kitchen to the supermarket so that everyone can enjoy this delicious unique product.  In fact, until "Texas Gold" was taken to the market no one realized it was not just a BBQ/grilling sauce but also a gourmet sauce with many uses as a marinade, saute', baking and finishing sauce.


"Texas Gold" is an apple cider vinegar/mustard based gourmet sauce.  It's unique flavor complements all meats on the grill including chicken, pork, beef, sausage, fish, shrimp and even vegetables such as portabella mushrooms, asparagus and zucchini.  For BBQ/grilling start basting as soon as you put the meat on the grill, this will give the apple cider vinegar and flavorings plenty of time to absorb into the meat and the sauce will not caramelize or burn on the meat.  So get to saucing, your about to taste the best BBQ you have ever had. 


"Texas Picante Salsa" is our newest gourmet product.  It is a premium salsa using fresh produce to give it a natural taste like it was straight from grandmas kitchen.  The mild and medium flavors contain 4 southwestern peppers, fresh cilantro and garlic and the hot contains 5 southwestern peppers one being habanero.  Whether your using "Texas Picante Salsa" to eat with chips or make an awesome southwest chicken or add to your favorite chili recipe your going to love the flavor from the combination of the fresh ingredients and spices in the product.





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